The Waterbug app

The Waterbug app helps you identify waterbugs from South-eastern Australia.

Use the key to answer questions that help you identify your waterbug, or whizz through speedbug and see if you recognize it.

The app also has a list function that acts as an index if you already know some waterbugs and just want more info on them, and a gallery if you are simply interested in browsing pictures that demonstrate the diversity of waterbugs.

Agreed Level Taxonomy (ALT)

The Waterbug Company is currently developing the Agreed Level Taxonomy (ALT) method; a way to assess river health without microscopes, laboratories, jargon .....or even scientists.

Some waterbugs are impossible to separate to family level without a microscope - and in truth are quite difficult even with a microscope - while others are readily identifiable to genus or species using only a hand lense.  This raises the question: could we change the levels to which we identify waterbugs, so that they reflect the morphological differences that can be readily seen, regardless of the (ultimately artificial) taxonomic hierarchy?

The Waterbug Book


Freshwater macroinvertebrates provide a useful and reliable indicator of the health of our rivers, streams, ponds and wetlands. Here, for the first time, is a comprehensive and accurate identification guide to the animals that inhabit our freshwaters.

The Waterbug Book contains an easy-to-use key to all macroinvertebrate groups and includes high quality colour photographs of live specimens. It provides a wealth of basic information on the biology of macroinvertebrates and describes the SIGNAL method for assessing river health. The book is full of practical tips about where to find various animals and what their presence indicates about their environment.

The Waterbug Book is an invaluable reference for students, amateur naturalists and fly-fishing enthusiasts, as well as professional environmental scientists. Those who carry out water monitoring projects will find it especially useful.

About the authors

The authors of The Waterbug Book are freshwater ecologists who have spent their professional lives working with waterbugs as researchers, consultants and teachers. John Gooderham lectures internationally and has been involved in a number of community education programs in Victoria and Tasmania. Edward Tsyrlin works as a professional taxonomist and acts as Waterwatch Coordinator for the Merri Creek Management Committee. His strong interest in macro-photography provided the original motivation fort this book.

You can have a look at a preview of the book at Google books here

Follow the link below to buy THE WATERBUG BOOK from the publishers:

The waterbug book at CSIRO Publishing

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